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  • Latex Mattresses

    Because of the anatomy and orthopedic properties the foam latex mattresses and pillows Latex  provide a healthy recreational dream. Different zones of hardness resulting from the special technology designed in three-dimensional cellular structure, the sleeping even offer support for orthopedic spine and relaxation of muscles of the whole body.

  • Baby mattress

    Babe mattresses for an ideal and sleep for your babes

  • Top Mattress

    Top Mattress 

    The top mattress is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a way to improve the comfort of their old mattress without having to replace it completely.

    It is made of 100% high density foam. The foam is characterized by high elasticity and resistance to deformation. The cell structure allows him to breathe, making it suitable for both summer heats and winter cold.

    Thanks to the natural alkaline properties of the latex mattress provides an antibacterial and anti-allergic environment to feel rested and fresh every morning.

    It follows body curves that provide support over the entire length of the body, improves blood circulation and soothes muscles. You can put on all kinds of mattresses, making it a great addition to your old mattress.

    Whether you're on holiday, on a business trip or on a business trip, the top mattress can always be with you as it folds without any problems or difficulty.

    Suitable for use on any mattress. Comfortable solution for sofas, sofa beds and beds. It is easy to carry on holiday at a villa, hotel, camping.

  • Spring Mattresses

    Spring Mattresses with Bonel and Pocket springs

  • Foam Mattresses

    Foam Mattresses without springs